Bounce, aim and smash the tiles in this action-packed brickbreaking game. Keep the ball in play and gather up the crumbs to slow down the speed of the ball while you rack up the score en masse.


Play either in classic mode (without a powerup) or choose between three different powerups and see which mode you find the most fun.

The Powerups

None = No Powerup, like the classic version of Smash'n'Grab.
Big = Bigger ball and paddle. Especially great for kids or people who are half-asleep.
Power = A more powerful ball that will make more bricks explode on each hit. Might make it easier but will earn you less points.
Lives = Start with 2 extra lives, which might be great to have when you try to get through all the levels.

Game Features

30 Levels - Beat them all, because you can.
Auto-save - You can save anytime, even in the middle of a level.
Extra lives - If you rack up enough points you will be rewarded with an extra life.

Just smash'n'grab and enjoy your way through all the levels.

Happy Gaming!

This game is not available anymore!