Uncomplicated arcade game that will keep you occupied for hours. Gather time and points by switching off colored lightbulbs.

Bounce, bounce, bounce ...

You use a bouncing ball to switch off the colored lightbulbs. The more bulbs you hit in a row, the more time and points you get.

Three degrees of difficulty

People of all ages can play DeLightBall since there're three degrees of difficulty. The speed of the ball and the number of lightbulbs depend on which degree you choose.

Freeware Game

DeLightBall is a freeware game, so you can download the FULL version for FREE, and play it as much as you want.

Read This Before Downloading

This game was made in 2004 so it's quite outdated by now. But if you like retro games and old style gameplay and graphics then feel free to download and play it. The game was made primarily for Windows XP but should work on newer versions of Windows (and probably on Windows 98 too). A 400 MHz CPU or better is recommended. The game requires DirectX 7.